Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dad was my hero , Mum my inspiration, one word defines my memory and pain Dementia

My Dad was my Hero, My mum my inspiration and I know my mum has only recently passed away (my Dad passed away 10 years ago ).Two equals in my eyes, my heart and my Soul .So why when I think of my Dad who I miss very much do  I do so with a smile and pride and when I think of my mum I feel great pride but right beside it pain .In a word Dementia .when my wee dad who died of Cancer was told he had 9 moths to live many years ago .His courage ,his Strength got us through it .He made sure we where all ok .He made sure his wife the love of his life was ok ,and we all faced all that came towards us together .5 years ago my mum was diagnosed with dementia and I wish I had the strength of my Dad .I wish I had his Courage and I wish on too many Occasions I could have  cared for my wee mum  his wife the way he would have and more than that the way I wanted to .But dementia had such a big say in all of this 5 years of struggle 5 years of a lack of understanding from within and 5 years of too often a lack of understanding towards us .We scrambled in the dark to often ,we where both lost to often and we both struggled to often And that’s why its important that we as a society  raise understanding ,Why we as a society speak more openly about dementia ,so no one else feels as lost as we where ,so that others can face this journey with all they  can. And so people like me can think back to the ones they loved and cared for and smile without the pain and  a chance to smile  and remember without the pain

My dad ,my hero my mum my  inspiration my two different memories defined by a lack of understanding defined by one word Dementia

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