Saturday, 3 November 2012

On November 9th last year I along with 15 families handed over the first of the life stories sent to me

On November the 9th Last year I along with 15 of the families who sent me life stories met with the then Health Secretary and Deputy First minister Nicola sturgeon  and handed over the life stories I had collected to date along with showing my short film which  includes some of the families reading from the letters .On thinking that was the end of the campaign I was inspired to keep going by the people who write to me and I have met .This is a campaign about people by  people will continue to grow and since this is a campaign about people I would like to strip down the politics of going to Parliament and  take it back to people As a person I am greatly encouraged and respectful of Nicola Sturgeon who as a person has Listened and understood that this was not a protest or a petition but an Awareness campaign in its truest sense and has also shown great interest in this small campaign and our words and lives .This story started with one life story my wee mums and I thank the DFM  for all her time and for coming to privacy meet my wee mum in the last weeks of her life
This is a campaign about people and I have been so privileged and inspired by and met with  some of the most incredible people over the last years who like I was are  caring for a loved one .It has been a life changing experience to meet them all and over the next weeks I will be telling you more about them, the campaign continues and grows
With great respect to all who have been a part of it and such a big part of my life
on January 17th I meet with the new Health Secretry and I hope to find the same qualities as I found in the previous

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