Thursday, 1 November 2012

5 years caring for mum on my CV ,is met with a frown ,but why

I have been trying to pick up the pieces since my wee mum passed away 5 weeks ago and most importantly how I keep my awareness campaign going .A campaign  I started and do in my mums name .for the last year I have been raising  awareness  whilst caring for my mum and along the way  we faced many many struggles  including financial, but we scraped by each week the best wee could .SOON  once I feel up to it I will need to find a JobThe thought of being a job seeker  and my experience  asking for advice last week fills me with fear and dread.The reality is I need to get a job and soon in order to survive and a job that allows me to continue my voluntary campaign  and finish the work I have started .I have been trying to find something part time and nightshirt (stocking up supermarket  shelves or similar ) and have handed my my CV  to a few people and you would think the part caring for my mum, for 5 years would add value and not frowns .It does not say I lived on the moon for 5 years and have no idea how to work ,but it might as well


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  1. hi Tommy, there's not an awful lot you can do to change how some people choose to look at your recent work history / caring responsibilities. If they aren't positive and understanding, then it most definately is NOT the right place for you to work in. So that makes it a lucky escape and their loss. Would you consider doing support work, you are a people person after all! Why not have a chat with Irene at Carr Gomm? they need staff who have the right qualities and experience. And I think you have that in bucketloads. Good luck. Keep Rocking!


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