Monday, 12 November 2012

If I could see my mum for one more day there are so many things i would haave to say

That’s the thing about caring for a loved one ,it becomes such a struggle most days ,a struggle to get through each day and a struggle to understand ,to understand all that dementia brings and the change that being a carer brings I always felt a pace behind ,we where always a pace behind and as that inevitable change of awareness ,abilities takes its toll on us both ,then our chance to live ,love and cherish is affected and each time the big changes come ,each time we look back we wish we could have dealt with the previous months in a better way ,with a better understanding and that’s how I sit today looking back over the last 5 years .wishing I had done better ,wishing apart from the few how others had added value to our life ,and boy do they stand out ,they stand out head and shoulders above the rest ,adding value we should celebrate and shout from the rooftops About the good people who add value and question the ones who hold us back If I had the chance to do it all again I would do it so much better ,I would be a better son a better carer but just like dementia was to much for my mum at the end caring to often  felt to much for me and if I could see my mum for just one day I would tell her HOW I wished I had done better how proud I am to be her son and how I am going to make the mistakes we made and where made towards us more achievable for other to get through ,you see that’s the mark of my mum this would be the important bit that others knew more ,that others made less mistakes ,that others look back with a better experience than we had And that’s what makes my mum so special her care for others and I would tell her how much I miss her love, kindness and guidance and how her story our experiences ;along with many others might make things better for others. But mostly I would tell her how much her big boy is proud of her  of and misses her every single day

did I get my mum through her Journey with Dementia THE  truth is she got me through my Journey as her carer


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