Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dementia took mums memory away now I feel tortured by mine

Dementia took away my mums memory ,towards the end it affected much more than memory ,but it took it away and nothing more cruel than the memory of the man she loved my dad ,married for over 40 years and for the last years of mums life no memory to fill her heart with warmth and memory is still the theme and biggest challenge now my wee mum has passed away and free from the struggle she faced towards the end. Now its my memory that is being challenged and in a fog .I know with time ,well I hope with time that the joy of my mums life is at the forefront ,but I am far away from that day Just now, its struggle and a struggle to far. a struggle that hurts me the more I remember ,the more I have time to think ,you see whilst While caring for my mum we never had much time to think ,we where just trying to get through each day and now time is all I have ,and dementia is still affecting memories, this time its mine and it hurts .I want to remember the good days and smile but I cant forget the hard ones ,if we forget that then we forget why we campaign if we forget that then we are of no good to others who will face what we have faced


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  1. Tommy - take good care of your precious self; you have given so much love and compassion and you have been an inspiration. Now in whatever small ways you can manage you must quietly and gently thank yourself for all that you are - full of love and pride and fight. Go gently
    with heartfelt thanks and best wishes


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