Friday, 30 November 2012

Collecting life stories raising awareness, You’re words,thoughs ,opinions can help others

Collecting life stories rising awareness, can you help? You’re words can
This campaign is about people and based on the life stories thoughts and opinions of people. Our lives in our words .The life stories I have collected to date have been the heart and soul of many awarerness projects and positive work I believe our experiences good or bad can help others.  Below you can view some of the work or projects the words are the biggest part of
 Ongoing discussions with the Government
The story board to awareness films
Talks within the care sector .Universities, colleges, carer groups and reaching out to a wider audience
Motions at city councils and reports to local authorities
An academic paper with a leading university
Awareness through all media mediums
Dementia and caring through art with NHS gg&c
All of the above I do as A SON and on a voluntary basis
You can add you’re story, thoughts or opinions by e mail at  and my promise is to continue and add to the projects I already have
Our life stories I believe can change lives and how wonderful would that be


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