Thursday, 1 November 2012

Meeting with Scotlands new Health Minister Alex Neil Jan 17th to update and discuss campaign and life stories

Dear all

I am back in the diary to meet with the new Health Minister Alex Neil, the first meeting will be at parliament January 17th to pick up on where we left off with the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon .This continues and strengthens my belief in people and life stories. The life stories so far have created  on going work with the heart of Government ,Motions at city councils ,reports by social work departments and used in talks across the country including NHS events and much media Coverage As well as support from across the world  
I hope you can join the Hundreds who have already shared their life stories in order to raise awareness and help others
You can send you’re life story to  and allow carers to guide change and champion their future outcomes
This started as one life story JOANS and has been joined by hundreds more  you can add yours

With thanks to Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Neil for their on –going interest in our lives


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