Sunday, 4 November 2012

Today Meeting the Inspirational Irene Oldfather today to discuss the workings of the Dementia Carer Voices project

I am meeting the inspirational Irene Oldfather today to discuss the new project Dementia Carer voices based in part on my Tommyontour campaign I have met Irene on many occasions since starting my campaign and Irene who was formally an MSP who worked then and still does tirelessly on Dementia and has been a key person in many of the improvements on dementia strategies ,in fact as an MSP it was Irene who put forward the dementia strategy at parliament which was backed and passed by all parties along with many more involvements  on the both the understanding and improvements on dementia and Caring .Irene will be the lead and my mentor on this new two year project (I will be working on this on a voluntary capacity ) supported by the Scottish Government and came from my meetings with the then Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ,this gives  me the opportunity to keep my campaign going and make sure the life stories I collect are given the fullest respect they deserve and with the help of Irene and the Alliance Scotland allow us  to take them to the relevant people who need to read and understand the impact dementia has on families and society ,both Irene and the alliance where my only choice to work with and take the voices and life stories from families like mine to a larger audience ,I look forward to this new project  built from the amazing families who have shared their stories to date and who will I hope do so in the future
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Son ,carer awareness campaigner

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