Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Just home from the Job Center

Well that’s me no longer a carer ,now a jobseeker ,the 8 week grace period is over after the passing of my wee mum who I cared for ,for the last 5 years .i have to say the gentleman I spoke with today was very understanding of my situation and he is one of two trained to work with Carers and people who have been off work due to illness for long periods .As with many things his hands are tied to a system that affects us all ,I am now on employment  support. Training Schedule for the next six weeks,it was a strange conversation as I wont let a job or more probably no Job get in the way of my awareness campaign ,We struggled when caring for my mum and the struggle to survive has increased both financially and mentally with the little income and missing my mum ,but you know this campaign is the most important thing in my life and I wont let poverty get in the way of the work I do ,this is to important ,and having no money it never stopped me in the past

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