Thursday, 8 November 2012

Good luck to all shortlisted at the Roses Awards Tonight

A wee message of good luck to all who are shortlisted at the Independent Age, Barchester Care Roses awards tonight. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend as planned as I missed  my train this morning and could not as a  Carer /jobseeker afford the ridicules price asked for a new ticket  ,even though I offered them all the money I had, it was sorry rules are rules and I respect that Its a  great shame ,but you know caring for my mum was difficult ,Watching my mum struggle was dreadful so this is a shame but part of trying to raise awareness and I have accept as Jobseeker with no income that I will have to match my desire with my income and not my heart
So good luck to all who attend tonight and I am grateful to  be on the shortlist and wish I couls have been there for the sake of my wee mum and the peolpe who send me life stories

maybe I should take the advice of orgainasation and leave the real work to the employed
There is always next year


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