Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sometimes the tears I cry don’t want to stop,I miss my wee mum

Sometimes the tears don’t want to stop,

That’s the thing about crying ,once you start it feels impossible sometimes for them to stop .I have this passion in my heart to campaign and raise awareness and that’s when I feel my strongest but at home especially at night missing my wee mum who I cared for 5 years turns to a much clearer picture of what happened over the last years ,especially the last months ,while caring for my mum we concentrated on getting through each day ,we tried to keep pace with all mum was facing and all I to often struggled to witness. and even though I felt the sadness even though I cried myself to sleep on many occasion I never had much time to think to deeply or dwell on those feelings .now  time is all I have and the reality of all mum faced all those struggles and all that sadness overtakes the good memories ,I hope time changes this, I hope I think back though never forgetting but with better memories .when I cried before whilst looking after mum ,she always managed to make it better, with a smile or her love .sometimes now I don’t know what will make it better ,sometimes the tears don’t want to stop

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