Tuesday, 22 January 2013

16 weeks ago today mum passed away and I just miss her

16 weeks ago today my we mum passed away and I just miss her

My wee mum passed away 16 weeks ago today ,she was only 73 and after 5 years of dementia and me trying to care and support her ,dementia and health issues took their final toll I was in the local  supermarket cafĂ© yesterday waiting to meet Daniel from  the NHS  community engagement team and I was a bit early. Due to the wee campaign and coverage we have had I think almost a dozen people stopped to say keep up the campaigning but a few came to say how is your wee campaign going I have watched your MUM and you on the TV or read about mum and you in the papers how is she doing and then it just hits you, and it hits you hard that the person whose side I tried to stand by whose story I tried to and keep trying to tell is no longer here and this son just misses his wee mum his best wee pal with all my heart
Since mum passed away people keep saying oh Christmas will be hard ,new year will be hard birthdays ,significant dates and times will be hard  like today the 22nd will always be a reminder of the day we lost our fight ,but its  bigger than that I  miss my mum every day .the last 5 years changed so much of our lives and the dimensions of a mother and son relationship ,it had too ,so many things changed but dementia never changed my respect or love for my wee mum she was greater than any challenge dementia ever threw I just miss the kindness she gave  the love she had and I get all this credit for caring for my mum for 5 years that lady cared for me all my life even till her final day ,now that’s worth credit ,caring for a son for a lifetime and I miss that ,not because of a significant date or day I miss her because of all she was ,MY MUM MY BEST FRIEND  

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