Saturday, 5 January 2013

Picking up the pieces

Picking up the pieces
I wont deny how tough it has been since my wee mum passed away ,I just miss her terribly She was my mum and my friend and the 5 years mum faced dementia and I cared for her where a struggle for us both .and all that mattered was getting through each day ,trying to get through each day to get through tomorrow and looking back that’s not enough ,its not enough feeling it so tough that you are getting through the day to get through tomorrow and that adds to the sadness often on my heart .The campaign we started was a cry for help ,a cry for awareness and understanding A chance to enjoy and cherish days instead of getting through ,My campaign in many ways personally for me was my coping mechanism although its more than that and that’s why this campaign will continue and I hope grow .Our story like the hundreds sent to me have to be heard the voice we never had to often needs to be heard .just now in many ways I am picking up the pieces and trying to make sense of much that happened ,My passion and desire was to care for my mum and have a voice ,be heard ,understood and that my mum be given the respect and dignity she deserved, like so many others this was not the case .the promise I made to mum to care for her and raise awareness continues in her name as that’s how my mum was her ability to care for and about all she met  is the heart of this campaign ,its just a shame to many  we met did not have her understanding and kindness ,if that was the case there would be less pieces for me to find and pick up looking back
One thing does stand  out are the  peolpe involved in mums care/life who understood how we felt ,how we lived and I salute them for adding value to a mum and son who where lost

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