Monday, 7 January 2013

Today attending Dementia Dialogue day 2012 Have your say

Today  I will be attending a Scottish Government dementia Dialogue day event in Paisley ,Have your say

I attended one previously in Hamilton just before Christmas and Look forward to a day of discussion and hearing about future work others and  including the Scottish Goverment are doing


Scotland’s first Dementia Strategy was published in June 2010. It sets out the work that the Scottish Government and its partners in NHS Scotland, local government and the voluntary and private sectors are doing to improve support, care and treatment for people with dementia, their families and carers up to 2013This dementia dialogue paper forms part of an informal engagement process we will run through to next year to inform the successor strategy, to be published next summer. Your views will help influence the shape and content of that strategy and this paper will help a structured engagement with to that end. As part of this process we are running a series of regional events in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland as well as a national event in Edinburgh on 12 December. You can find out more about the regional events at the Alzheimer Scotland website Details about the national event will be available on the Scottish Government’s dementia website pages soon. We also want to hear the views of those of you who are not able to attend any of these events We undertook a similar engagement process in 2009/10, which included testing with you what were then the emerging recommendations from the five working groups set up to analyse how best to begin a national, strategic approach to dementia in Scotland.
This time, we summarise progress against the key change areas and supporting actions in the current strategy, and we want to ask your views on the progress made. We would also like your views about what gaps you think there are in our current approach and about opportunities to explore and build further connections in continuing to improve our shared approach to dementia.

 As part of this process, we’re also keen to get your views on a major new policy paper published by Alzheimer Scotland on delivering integrated community support for dementia, based on their “8 pillars” model.

In addition, during the dialogue events you’ll also have the opportunity to hear more about the BIG Lottery-funded Life Changes Trust, which is preparing the away to fund initiatives to help people with dementia and their carers.

 Geoff Huggins

Protection of Rights and Mental Health Division

Scottish Government

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