Friday, 11 January 2013

making a carer- engagement film with NHSGG&C CHP

A New carer- engagement film approved  and in partnership with NHSGG&C #carerengagement

I am very happy to say I have been given approval to start work on a new Carer engagement film in partnership with NHSGG*c . I have been working closely with some of the board members for a while  on the letters I receive and will be fronting a new film about carer engagement with enterprise screen who produced the Tommyontour  film

This will not be a Tommyontour film as such but will be made to highlight the lives of carers and hopefully bring more understanding ,I do this as son who cared for his mum

I am grateful to NHSGG*C  for their on-going interest  on the lives of carers and hope this film will help tell the story and guide families to help available


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