Thursday, 3 January 2013

Every word counts every sentence matters every story helps collecting life stories raising awareness

 2013 has just started and as with 2012 my campaign to collect life stories, thoughts .opinions experiences good or bad continues and grows Last year peoples lives in their own words where the heart and soul of this awarerness campaign,we took them to parliament ,local authorities the NHS across the country to talks and beyond ,they helped with motions at councils and reports by SW departments and in film that has been viewed across all forms on media ,conferences and a wider public ,For 2013 the life stories collected to date and I hope still to receive will be the heart and soul of new confirmed projects including
More dialogue with Government, local authorities and the care sector
Academic paper on caring with a leading university
A new carer engagement film
Dementia and caring thorough art exhibition
Continued talks across the country, including NHS, universities, colleges and the work place to raise awareness on the lives we lead, This started with one story ,about my wee mum Joan who sadly passed away September 22nd  and has been added to by hundreds more
I hope if you read this you  might consider sharing yours and I give the same promise I gave to mum when we shared ours,that I would do all I can to raise awarerness and bring more understanding and  help to families like ours
You can add you’re story at


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