Monday, 7 January 2013

collecting Letters Life and love stories dementia awareness

Life and love stories dementia awareness

My mum loved my dad and he loved his wife and they both loved and cared for their children and many others. Families face many struggles in life and many challenges along the way .The greatest challenge we faced was dementia .and the challengers where many and we at this time have no cure and medication that’s works better for some than others This campaign is based on life and love stories all the letters I collect are love stories affected by a tragedy in many ways and this is the part dementia plays ,Unless we get the best of understanding within and towards us unless we get the help available then we veer away from the love story .And as a society we have to play our part and keep all who face this closer to a love story ,we can do this we can allow people the best chance to live love and cherish we can all play our part ,but that part needs understanding awareness the best help and advice I just loved my wee mammy but a lack of understanding within and towards brought so many struggle so many difficult days so many misunderstandings and all of that takes precious time that could be spent better
I collect life and love stories .Dementia you took many things away but not the love for my mum and not the love my mum had in her eyes for her family
Our stories can help others have a better experience or journey than we had ,how wonderful would that be  

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