Sunday, 27 January 2013

Its People who change lives, listening, and understanding working together and never forgetting the person

After my walk round Scottish towns and cities .I was contacted by a family who asked me to come and collect their story in person as their story about their mum was taking its toll on all .I got the train through one day to collect and hear their story. One member of the family was strong  so tense with all that had happened and the other  was broken head and shoulders down and eyes full of heartbreak and tears I witnessed the impact this was having and had both of those people at different times and days whilst caring for my mum
And their story was tragic a family trying to care ,give and get the best for a mum they loved ,with a dining table full of correspondence about their mum ,her care her life and struggle to be heard and full of miss understandings and lack of understanding .I left the house that day wondering how does this happen how can this be .a few months later I was taking my letters to the Scottish Parliament to meet with the then Cab secretary for health Nicola Sturgeon who I have to say has given this we campaign and life stories the greatest respect. A week before going to Parliament I received another letters from this family and It was glorious but how can this be, same family a mother facing this challenge of dementia .what had changed? The answer was a person, a new consultant who took the time to be involved in all aspects of this journey,who listened ,discussed advised and gave this family the chance to do the thing they wanted to spend their time loving and cherishing their mum and for their mums whole life to be given the respect and dignity and help deserved  No longer written off No longer a strain on services ,no longer just a woman with dementia ,But a mother who was many great things to many people
Same services same help but in the hands of an understanding person and we should celebrate consultants, doctors Nurses ,Social workers anyone involved in our care who like this consultant took time added value and gave the best of advice and chance If we celebrate them then this will encourage others to follow
Its  people who change lives
I remember the ones who helped us through this thet make my heart smile. I remember the ones who had no desire or care  and they add to the pain of the struggle we faced

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