Sunday, 13 January 2013

on way to Scottish Parliament after speaking at Nursing band 8 development event

Thursday at Scottish Parliament after speaking at Nursing band 8 development event

Thursday is looking a busy day early morning I am speaking to assistant charge nurses at the event below after which I will jumping on the train to Edinburgh for a meeting with the Cab secretary for health Alex Neil to chat about my life stories and campaign .I have also arrange while through to have a chat with Jackie Ballie shadow Health Secretary then Jim Hume Lib Dwm and then Jackson Carlaw I have made up reports for all and hope this leads to further engagement and talks
With thanks to all above for their time and also NHSGG&C  in particular Tracy Donaldson for the invite to speak at the event below

With thanks to NHS GG&C Acute services RAD/Regional directorates West Dunbartonshire CHCP. For inviting  to speak at the event below .i met with Tracy at a nursing practice development event I was speaking at last month and she has kindly invite me along to speak on one of the days as part of a week of events at the hospital I look forward to speaking about caring for my mum, the life stories, the people I have met and showing my short film  
Band 6 development programme for RAD directorate. There is 5 days of study, each covering a different theme. Day 2 of the programme focuses on Patient Centred Care. We would like to invite you along on day 2 to inform staff on the dementia framework or resources. This session you can adapt  to want you see at important for the Band 6.
 Date: 17/01/2012
Time: 13:15-14:00
Venue: Victoria Infirmary, Large classroom.

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