Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Today Meeting NHSgg&c –CHP AND GCC to finalize outline for carer engagement film

I am off this morning to GCC to meet with NHSgg&c, enterprises screen and a representative from GCC to discus the final outline for a new carer engagement film working title ITS OK TO ASK, This film is being made to highlight the caring role and lives of carers as well as I hope help guide families to help and advice that is available to them .When caring for my mum I waited to long to ask for help and we neared crisis and as well as my hope to bring more help ,awareness and understanding through my awareness work for me not knowing about rights and help that is available is a tragedy in waiting and in itself
This unlike my last film is not a Tommyontour one I do this as a son who cared for his mum in the hope it help others find the help the deserve and is available
I will also voluntarily front road shows once the film is completed in public buildings and spaces
With thanks to NHSgg&c for making this carer engagement film

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