Friday, 11 January 2013

Started storyboard for new carer engagement film today

Started storyboard for new carer engagement film today

I met with Jamie and Brendan  from enterprise screen today to chat and work on the storyboard  for the new carer engagement film we are making in partnership with NHSGG&C ,I have been discussing this idea for a while with NHSGG&C  and look forward to start filming over the next few weeks ,the idea for this film came from my own experience along with the experiences in the life stories I receive along with carers I have met with over my tour ,This film I hope will show a window into the lives of carers and help guide carers to advice and help that is available .I myself did not know  what a carer was or how to access help and advice that is available and this lack of knowledge almost led to a crisis I hope this film helps others know its ok to ask ,where to ask and also shows the life of carers .Carers are not statistics as often described ,They are grandparents ,mums, dads ,brothers ,sisters sons daughters family members and I HOPE  this new film highlights the love and care they give along with helping guide to access the best help available ,This film is a partnership in engagement 
With thanks to NHSGG&C their on going interest in the life of carers and the words in my life stories    
Son carer awareness campaigner

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  1. Hi Tommy, I made a film on dementia a couple of years ago - "Changed Days" - it's won awards in the UK and in LA and NY. If it's any use to you, my email is dg*at* - give me a shout and I'll send you a link. My mum has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. Keep your chin up, and give me a shout. If I can be of any help, I will!



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