Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It’s not a petition or protest it’s about life stories

It’s not a petition or protest it’s about life stories
 This campaign has never been a petition or a protest it has always been about people and life stories, the lives we lead and the people we are and love ,and absolutely there are great issues, struggles difficulties and tragedies many face ,but as from day one if we can tell the stories of our life the stories of the people we love ,The whole story ,My mums whole life mattered, her life before dementia during and after and to really help people, to really understand how to help people we need to understand them ,we need to understand the impact dementia has across familes So that’s why I collect life stories because my wee mum like everyone else deserves  to helped  and respected Firstly as Joan whitelaw not Just  a person with dementia and our stories can help remind educate ,raise awareness and make people understand the greatness in people
Our life stories can change so many things, so many attitudes and bring more help and understanding
My mum did not need a petition or protest ,her greatness like so many others is bigger than that
You can add your story to the ones already received and remind  people about the greatness of people at and my promise is to take them to all who need reminded about how much each and every one of us matters


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