Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Speaking to Nursing students (500) Caledonian University march 12th

Speaking to Nursing  students (500) Caledonian University march 12th

With great thanks to Jackie Gillespie  professor / lecturer Nursing at Caledonian University for inviting me along  on March 12th speak to the nursing students 500 in total
I look forward to speaking about life caring for my wee mum , the letters I receive along with showing my film .I will also be sharing reports on my letters with the students and taking some questions after the talk
Also at the University on February 15th and 20th I will be speaking to 1st and 3rd year Mental health students with thanks to lecturers Lesley McNab and Margaret Caldwell for inviting me

For me along with my talks to NHS staff I believe and hope this is the best avenue to take the life stories to help being more understanding

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  1. I agree with you and I wanted to say that I think that it is a great idea for anyone interested in becoming an nurse to pursue speaking to nursing students as well.
    In home care Dallas TX


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