Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A positive day yesterday, popping in to Alzheimer Scotland today

A positive day yesterday, popping in to Alzheimer Scotland today

Yesterday was quite a busy day I stopped of to see Linda from Pollok Carers first for a chat we are meeting again tomorrow to chat more about the Art project and some other things I hope to get going .I then met with Daniel Connolly from the NHS community engagement team to chat about talks I have been doing and for some feed back and update .I am happy to say Daniel is looking to propose more talks  to NHS staff .I then had a brief chat with Kris from Alz Scotland .I met Kris last year when he was doing a memory walk for his mum and Alzheimer Scotland ,Kris now works at Alzheimer Scotland and we had a chat to about a few projects we both have .In-between meetings I had a lengthy phone call from a producer friend about an idea for a programme about dementia and the letters from a slightly different angle ,more on that once we have discussed in more detail but sounds and exciting opportunity to take the discussion on dementia to a wider and possibly new audience
Today I am dropping by to see Jim Pearson From Alzheimer Scotland for a we chat about Dementia  Carer Voices and a few other things .I worked closets with Jim a while back as Alzheimer Scotland supported my walk round Scottish towns and Cities along with funding my short film .So it will be nice to catch up and hear what they are doing at the moment and plans they have

You can find out more about Alzheimer Scotland at the link below

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