Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year, the campaign goes on collecting life stories raising awareness #2013

Happy New Year, the campaign goes on collecting life stories raising awareness 2013

Firstly  a happy new year to all .for me it was an early night in bed .Christmas week and new year where to honest a wee bit of a struggle  there was a lot of tears over the last week ,missing my wee mum and thinking back  to both harder and also better days .but we start 2013 as we ended 2012 I have a meeting on Thursday with Glasgow City Council  carer champion Dr Christopher mason  to discuss some carer engagement ideas I have .I will be attending a dementia dialogue event on the 10th then speaking to charge nurses at the Victoria hospital on the morning of the 17th  then meeting Alex Neil Scotland’s health secretary that afternoon   
I will also be starting work on a new carer engagement film mid January more on that later once confirmed next week
The heart and soul of this campaign continues colleting life experiences  and taking them to all I think should read them you can help ,you can add you’re story to the hundreds I already have my e mail at tomy@i-woz-there.com
My promise is to do all I can with them to help raise awareness and bring more understanding and help to families living with or caring for a loved on with dementia

Thank you

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