Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Beautiful Day and a Glorious Feeling Inside as my Wee Mum makes it from the Bedroom to the Garden

A Good Sunday Eveneing to all
Well it’s a beautiful day here in Glasgow, the last few weeks have been filled with sadness as my mum lost so much strength and was pretty much confined to bed .Well today with a bit of help and support from her big boy my mum was able to make it down the stairs and into the back Garden .IT has taken a lot out of her but we are going to sit down  and have Sunday dinner in the back garden and seeing my mum up on her feet and doing a bit  better makes me feel so proud of her and her spirit and her determination to fight this illness
So a beautiful day and a  beautiful feeling inside, only one thing can spoil it ,me cooking the dinner oh well you cant have it all

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