Friday, 18 May 2012

Dementia, the Sadness in my Heart,

I have been caring for my mum for nearly 5 years now and watched every step of the destruction this Illness brings and I will never compare how I feel or struggle to my mums But as a son to bear witness to this cruel terrible illness every day is breaking my heart ,at every point when I thinks what more can this illness do ,how much worse can it get ,Dementia decides to do more and make it worse so I will say what every organization wont my mum suffers and I suffer every day to witness it
So I  will lay out this request to every organization involved and funded to work on Dementia and Caring who represent us tosit round the table and TALK AND WORK  together to help families ,And I publicly ask them to meet with me; we need a new debate and more working together ,I will let you know who agrees to meet and listen to my personal experince and findings  


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