Sunday, 6 May 2012

Meeting Head of Adult services Social work Glasgow this Week

A good Sunday morning to all
Many thanks to Stephen and Ann from social works Glasgow for inviting me back to meet them this week and update on my tour .I am encouraged by their interest ,it has also helped me understand more about the work they do ,When I started my campaign I put a charity  on the shirts I made as I thought they supplied my befrienders as part of their charity work  ,I have since found out that they are paid for by social works ,this is helping me build a true picture of who does what and who supplies what in my journey to find out  how we care for a loved one in Scotland .I found this out when my mum lost her day care and I phoned the charity to get emergency cover and was told that in order to do this I had to ask social work first in order for them to be paid ,we have certain opinions on social work ,I certainly did but I have to say my social worker acted swiftly and called the charity who book my cover to ok payment  to allow me to get out to do the basics like shopping ,also since joining a carer center, Linda and my mums social worker are working close to put into place the help required to get both my mum and I through the next phase of this tragic journey. This is why and I say this due to my own experiences we have to promote the help that’s available and encourage people to get that help before life reaches a crisis point, I personally left it to late to seek help and wish I would have asked much earlier, life might have been a bit easier if I had joined my carer center 3 years ago. I like most people dream of ,and campaign for more help, but I like most people was unaware of help that is available, that in itself is a TRAGEDY  

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