Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Care Inspectorate meet the Carers A week today June 26th

I now have a new date for the carer inspectorate meet the carers that I had to cancel due to my mum being very unwell, I am happy to say my mum is doing a bit better now and the care inspectorate have kindly agreed to do this  wee talk followed by a short question and answer session on Tuesday June 26th 10am till 1pm,I hope some of you can attend ,.this day is intended to bring education ,understanding and new friendships I would like to thank the care inspectorate especially  David and Angela, Carr Gomm for allowing me to use their training room and Pollok carers for all helping me with this event   
I will have a wee agenda soon, I feel this fits in well with my campaign based on listening to and giving carers and families a voice. If you would like to attend please e mail me at
I hope if you can you will get involved and help make this a good day for all who attend; you can send me any questions you may have direct to my e mail above
I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by the earlier cancelation due to illness

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