Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sad News from an Inspiring Family

Sad News from an Inspiring Family
I sit today with great sadness in my heart, on my mission to raise awareness I receive letters from all across Scotland and meet with many carers and families
I have got to know many carers and families, including one amazing lady from Aberdeen,we have exhanged e mails and  had a few chats on the phone, sadly she has got in touch to tell me her husband passed away over the weekend
Her letter was included in the collection I handed over last Wednesday when I met with the Deputy First Minister
 I never met her husband but I met this amazing lady, her struggles, love and care inspire me, and even without meeting him, reading about and talking with my friend I know the love they shared and the care she gave, I made a promise to this fine lady a wee while back  that I would be up in Aberdeen to see her one day and that’s a promise I will fulfill in the near future
My thoughts are with this lady and her family

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