Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meeting Professor June Andrews (Dementia Services Development Centre)

I am looking forward to meeting Professor June Andrews again soon to look at ways we can work together
I first met June onSally Magnusson’s Sunday morning radio show then stopped in at her base the Dementia Services Development CentreUniversity of Stirling on my walk round Scotland .We Met again last Tuesday when we where both guests on Scotland tonight ,after a wee chat we both agreed to look at the possibility of joining the amazing work they do  and the thoughts and feelings from the families and carers I meet and who write to me ,I feel this is a positive step forward and look forward to us all doing great stuff together in the hope of bringing more help and understanding on living with Dementia and caring for a loved one
You can get more info on the work they do at links below including a virtual tour
The DSDC website address is


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  1. Michael FassioMay 20, 2012

    Good luck on your tour and let's hope it helps increase awareness and understanding of this very difficult illness. Please check my book, Dementia and Mum - Who Really Cares? by Michael Fassio. It is available on Amazon (paperback and eBook on their kindle store). It provides and honest account of how difficult it can be to look after a loved one with dementia, but it also provdes a hopeful message - that a good quality of life can be maintained even over the last few years of the illness. A proportion of sales proceeds are being donated to Dementia UK, Age UK, Alzheimer's Society and Crossroads Care. So far, a modest amount of £200 in the first 6 months since publication, but I am hopeful that far more can be raised over the next few years.


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