Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today is Just a Sad Day

I try my hardest every day to be positive in both my home life caring for my mum who is facing this dreadful illness  and in  my awareness campaign ,but I have to say this change the dementia has brought to my mum over the last weeks is just filling my heart with sadness I feel this could be the start of my wee amazing mum being close to bed ridden .I HOPE I AM WRONG My mum  has  been through so much  over the last years.The confusion ,the agitation ,the absolute fear of everything ,the daily fight to keep respect and dignity ,That is how my mum lived her life with respect and dignity ,but this illness shows no respect and does not allow dignity to easily  just now I sit in tears with saddest of hearts watching my mum fade away in front of me, and its dreadful ,its  a dreadful illness ,its dreadful to watch and witness ,I just want her to know I am trying my best and I just love her ,And I want the people who should know better to remember this is my mums fight for life and dementia will be my  fight  till the day I die and I wont forget some who have tried for their own interest to belittle  our campaign for their own purposes ,funding and egos, that I do this in my mums name and when they offend my campaign they offend my mum


  1. You are a good man, Tommy and a great son.I love your video, it's very powerful. Ive watched it more than once and will keep posting it. Just added it to facebook as well.
    It's hard to understand how anyone could belittle your campaign but there will always be weird people I guess. Just hoping they only make you more determined to reach your goal ;)
    Best wishes to you and your mum , @nurse_w_ glasses

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2012

    Tommy I feel your pain. You are the one who gave your mum the respect and dignity that as human beings we seem to have forgotten. Jeanette said the same. You choose to walk in this journey through dementia at your mother's side however painfull it will become. Standfast Tommy you are your mother's son and nobody can deny you that. You do this out of love.Take care to both of you.Together and foreverxx


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