Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Meeting with Carer Scotland and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers

Good Morning
With thanks to carer Scotland and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers for both getting back to me and agreeing to set up dates to meet up to discuss my campaign /tour and findings over the last year .I look forward to meeting up and hopefully working on ways to highlight Dementia and Caring ,I have visited lots of carer centers over the last year including many run by PRTFC and value the work all carer centers do in local communities and with the families they are in contact with ,if you have watched my film this includes an amazing group of peolpe who attend Glasgow North East Carers based in Easterhouse , we have to promote all carer centers and encourage carers to get in touch and see what help is available ..I feel I meet to many people who reach near crisis before asking for or getting help they deserve or need, I was one who should have asked for help sooner .for me not being aware or having access to any help that is available is a tragedy in itself .carer centers do not have a magic wand but getting advice and support is crucial ,dont miss out on help that is available how little it may.be

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