Saturday, 5 May 2012

With thanks to Oz Care Australia and Alzheimer’s Europe for Sharing my ,Campaign,Blog and Film

With thanks to Oz Care Australia and Alzheimer’s Europe for Sharing my Blog and Film

I sit here in my bedroom amazed and overwhelmed about how many sites across the world are sharing my blog, story and film
I don’t really know what to say, At last count this wee awareness campaign from my bedroom in Glasgow was up on around 30 sites worldwide. When I first started this campaign I was really concerned about filming and speaking about my mum, about her illness and her life ,as I could not ask her permission ,I thought long and hard about what would she say if I colud ask her. Sitting here today knowing that my wee mum is helping against all odds to  raise awareness on this tragic illness and the suffering it brings I hope she would be proud and knowing how kind and caring a person she is ,I know the answer would have been YES
While I am on thank you to my local carer center for funding and paying  Alzheimer Scotland  for befrienders to allow me to go to parliament on Wednesday, My normal  respite cover is funded through social works bit I needed extra hours to get to talks and meetings

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