Friday, 18 May 2012

Dementia, the Loneliness is about to get Lonelier

Good Evening
 As it stands my mum is not doing to well and can’t stand up so it looks like the end of the day care she attended twice a week, this is a great shame as I liked my mum to get out and get social interaction. on top of that I had problem switching cover the other day  with the organization that supply the visiting  service and had to get my carer center and social work to fund the cover I needed to speak about Dementia on television ,Today I was told by one of the management that my account of the reason for not getting the cover was untrue ,this has resulted in me canceling all future services as my trust in them has gone How can I leave my mum alone with a service who over such a small incident change their story ,what if my mum had an accident when I was out how could I ever believe anything they told me after this ,so now no day center no house sitters ,I will struggle to trust anyone again after treatment like this ,so back to my mum and I at home 24 hours a day

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