Friday, 18 May 2012

Tommyontour, Collecting Life Stories Raising Awareness the Campaign Continues

If you watched Reporting Scotland today you would have heard and viewed Jeanette and Kens Story, Jeanette sent me a letter a while back and I handed her story over to the Deputy First Minister last week. Jeannette was due to travel to parliament with me two weeks ago, but understandably had to cancel due to her dear husband’s health, I have been in contact with the Deputy First Minister today re their letter and story
I have no words to describe my respect for Jeanette for allowing her interview to be shown with the sad loss of her dear husband Ken last week .I was in touch with Jeanette last week to ask if she wanted me to stop the story being broadcast today ,Jeanette with great passion and courage wanted this to be aired to help others and she has my fullest respect ,If you have a story / experience good or bad that you would like to add the many others I have, to help raise awareness please send to  we as carers and families are best place to tell the story of Dementia and Caring in Scotland ,we as families and carers are best placed to bring more help and understanding ,our stories straight from the heart to Government without distortion can help others
My thoughts and tears are with Jeanette and her family today

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