Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Busy Week Coming up, Depending on how my Mum is doing

Good Morning
Well my we mum is still quite weak so all my awareness plans this week had to be cancelled so I could give her my full attention ,I have a busy week coming up if all is ok at home ,On Friday  I have a meeting at the City Chambers with councilor Kerr and Stephen Fitzpatrick from Social Work to pick up on where we left of before the local elections .On Monday I will be meeting with Peter Daniels non exec vice chair of glasgow NHS THEN ON Tuesday I will be meeting Professor June Andrews all of the aforementioned meetings will involve dementia and caring awareness and how and if we can work together on different ways to raise awareness, Also you  may have watched on TV or heard on the radio over the weekend Jeanette’s story re 106 care workers in one year, I  have been in touch with Jeanette today and will be traveling to Aberdeen soon to support her when she meets with council leaders.Once again I salute her courage in allowing her interview to be aired with the sad loss of her dear husband Kens a few days before broadcast

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