Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feeling Positive after Meeting Last Week

Good Morning  
Its Sunday morning and I have been up early as we always are here at home, MY wee mum has had her bath and breakfast and is sitting comfy across from me as I sit here typing for my blog .Lat week I had what I feel was a positive meeting with the Deputy First Minister and the team from St Andrews house at Parliament ,after handing over some more life stories and a wee update on my progress ,hopes and dreams for dementia awareness we had a chat but more than that I feel encouraged that the DFM takes time to discuss and listen.Dementia awareness involves being patronized all to often and mostly by people you believe have our interests at heart ,well I don’t feel that from the DFM, I feel inspired by her willingness to listen and advise and mostly her concern about Dementia ,Caring and our thoughts and feelings.The team from St Andrews house have been back in touch and we are meeting before the end of this month to discuss the letters, my report and our thoughts, who knows what this may lead to ,I hope something positive ,also on a positive note I had a good meeting on Friday with social work adult services leads  and we are looking at ways to get involved including focus groups and awareness talks .
Since stating this campaign I am pleasantly surprised and inspired by some who are getting involved and showing interest in us, the down side is many of the people I thought would help or listen to and about us as this is what they proclaim to do have left me feeling let down and sad ,one day they might realize its not about them ,its about all the people across Scotland and beyond just like my we mum and their families who need and deserve better understanding , respect and help ,so I wont let the disappointment I feel towards some get in the way of the respect I have gained for others and my hopes and dreams for a better future for all  

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  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2012

    Hiya Tommy, just keep doing what you are doing my friend, you ARE making a difference, best wishes, Norrms and family


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