Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dementia, just when you think you have a routine dementia changes everything

Good Morning
It will be 5 years in August since my mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia and I have been my mum’s full time carer for just over 4 years I always look at my mum for the greatness she has and the life she led. The reality is Dementia has thrown everything it has at my mum, confusion, agitation, fear, picking away at her awareness and capabilities, we have been through so many twist and turns and at points days where almost unbearable for us both, at all the stages just when we find a way of getting through the days and weeks dementia changes everything, our understanding, our routines and tests both our abilities and strength to keep going. I always view my mum as the greatness she has ,at the same time I have to try to love and care for her and adapt to each day that comes ,I keep saying it cant get worse ,it cant get harder ,but it does ,a few weeks ago we woke up one morning and along with all the other difficulties dementia has thrown at my mum ,my mum struggled to stand up , have any form of balance or walk. My wee mum has been so quiet hardly a single word in weeks .Dementia has brought many struggles to us, and as a son at this time has brought a sadness that I cant escape from I do the best I can every day and cry myself to sleep each night .Just when we find a routine that allows my mum to be as comfortable and settled as can be, Dementia changes it again .BUT I WILL NEVER ALLOW DEMENTIA TO TAKE AWAY IN MY HEART THE GREATNESS THAT IS MY MUM .This Truly is A Cruel Illness  

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