Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On Scotland Tonight ,Tonight (if i can get cover)

Good Morning

I will be a guest on Scotland Tonight at 10:30pm this evening, I filmed an interview with them last week, i beleive some of this will be will be shown, then I will be part of a panel discussing Dementia and Caring .This will be only my 9th time out of my house at night after 5pm over the last two and a half years,on the other 8 occasions I was raising awareness. I am furiously trying to find someone to sit and care for my mum while I am out .the organization who supply my befrienders (who social work pay them for this service) will not cover me as they say the workers they have do not work after 10pm, sums up the difficulties in Caring, Raising awareness never mind trying to have a life
My sadness is I am only leaving  the house for one and a half hours to raise awareness on a tragic illness ,an illness that  affects so many across Scotland including my we mum and  me as her son and carer
I am lost for words


  1. Tommy

    Wish there was something I could do to help you. I stay over in larbert where are you?


  2. Hi Tommy
    Caught your piece on Scotland Tonight. Touching and very moving. Get in touch if there is ever anything I can do to (freely) help the campaign with web or creative design.

    All the very best


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