Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Good Day Today at LTCAS Then With Deputy First Minister

Today felt like a good day, this morning I was one of the guest speakers as the LTCAS launch of their new carers and families involvement project ,it was good to see old friends who have supported my campaign since the start ,with thanks to Ian ,Nancy Susan all involved and who attended .I then caught the train to Edinburgh for my meeting with the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon along with the team from St Andrews house Jeff and David who work on dementia projects and strategies .I handed over some more life stories along with an update on my progress and the people I meet on my campaign ,we had a chat about dementia ,caring and discussed some ideas and plans that I put forward for feedback .we discussed many things including looking at ways  to help ,encourage and guide people to good help and care that is already available amongst other issues.I will be meeting with Jeff and David again in a few weeks to discuss in more detail the areas we covered today and will be meeting with the DFM again in a few months time to update on any progress from my meeting with the team at St  Andrews house  
Once again I am grateful for the Deputy First Ministers ongoing interest in Dementia, Caring and my wee campaign. It felt like another small step forward today

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