Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It’s a Beautiful Day Outside but We Sit Alone Indoors

It’s a Beautiful Day Outside but We Sit Alone Indoors
Well it’s a beautiful day outside the first lovely sunny day for a while As I sit in the house with my wee mum watching people smiling and getting on with life ,mowing the lawn and all that  the sunshine brings ,it just reminds me  of the struggles we face ,my mum is to weak to get out of bed at the moment never mind outside ,we had a dip like this before and my mum got through it and back on her feet as well as good be expected ,its funny I wish it was raining then I could blame the weather and not the reality ,we will see how my wee mum goes tonight and if no improvement then I will get the doctor back out tomorrow
my mum  is getting her favorite mince and potatoes tonight hopefully that will do the trick (it’s a Scottish thing that and homemade soup the go  too food in times of trouble)


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    Hope your wee mum enjoys her mince n tatties, and tomorrow is a better day for her and you , love from Joan and Kirsty xxxxx

  2. Hi Tommy,
    Hope it's a little better with your mum today. Sometimes bad weather fits your mood more than a sunny day. Take care


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