Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Joining My Local Carer Center Has Brought Great Relief and Help

Joining My Local Carer Center Has Brought Great Relief and Help
I have cared for my mum for nearly 5 years now and for the last year I have been raising awareness , receiving letters , meeting carers and speaking at events I have witnessed the great support carer centers across the country provide to carers and families .my campaign papers over the cracks in my own life and the struggles we face a few months ago I joined my local carer center Pollok carers ,I have witnessed over the last year the amazing things they help and do for people. There is no magic wand or trick to take away most of the struggles and problems we face caring for a loved one, but having someone (Linda) looking out for me and dealing with so many things I have ignored or have not been aware of has brought great relief to me ,I salute all the carer centers I have visited and across Scotland, caring is not easy ,but today someone is helping take the strain

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