Friday, 25 May 2012

Meeting Councilor Kerr at City Chambers Today,

Good Morning
I have a meeting with councilor Kerr and Stephen Fitzpatrick from SW Glasgow this morning at the City Chambers, we met before the local elections and we are now meeting again to discuss some ideas with regards to Dementia and Caring .I had a motion passed February for a report to done on Dementia and caring in Glasgow and for the outcome to be presented to the Scottish Government so we will also be chatting about the plans and workings for this report. My mum is still to well at the moment and I had canceled all my other plans over the last week during my hours but I feel its important to attend this meeting and keep going as best I can to keep my awareness campaign going, My mum is my personal inspiration and was my reason for starting this campaign and every setback we face as much as it hurts makes me more determined to do something that highlights  helps  others facing this tragic illness and caring for a loved one     

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