Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just had the Doctor out again,

My wee mum is not picking up at all from our wee setback a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago ,although facing many struggles my mum could  attend a wee day group twice a week and was reasonably mobile .for the last two weeks my mum has been mostly confined to bed ,unable to walk and with very little response or communication. I called the doctor out again this morning hoping to find an underlying problem that was easy to fix, we had tests done about ten days ago and with the doctor now being out 3 times in the last week I sit fearful that this is the next stage of my mum’s dementia. Dementia has brought many challenges to my mum and to me as her son and carer, this is one by far is the saddest To sit beside my mum with little or no response and watching how weak and frail she has become is breaking my heart .My mum has surprised us before by gaining strength and awareness’ I hope and pray she does again and soon, this time I am not so sure

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