Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Importance of Promoting Good Practice and Help

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I like many others who need or care for a loved one face many issues and difficulties in our Life, As I have said many times over this campaign we thought we can do this alone. When my mum was diagnosed with dementia I remember looking at her and thinking we will be ok, and there was a reason for that, I had no clue what dementia was, I had no understanding of life caring for someone, What I thought was I am a strong person I have worked hard like my mu all my life and I have had up and downs in life like most do
How wrong I was ,how unprepared I was ,as my mum struggled with dementia I fell apart by her side our journey went  from not thinking we needed help ,to not knowing how to access help to being so lonely ,isolated and broken that we did not know how to ask  ,My campaign along with raising awareness was my cry for help, I left my house just over a year ago with little support in place and with some questions ,how did we reach such desperation ? How do others cope? Sadly I have heard and met many people who have faced greater struggles than we have ,but I have also learnt and met amazing people supplying good advice ,help and understanding that why its important along with raising issues we celebrate and promote good practice ,advice and help that is already available ,I have met many people doing great work and with great understanding of our lives and needs, in fact that’s why I joined a carer center ,I witnessed the help they give and realized the help I needed on my travels .I have said before the biggest advantage is having someone look at your life and needs treat you with respect and help with many little things that allow you to get on with caring for someone you love .its not a golden ticket but its help
For the next part of my campaign I want to promote good practice from people, in the care sector and beyond and encourage people to come forward and get the help and advice that they deserve and may need, its ok to ask for help, I also want to bring more understanding on how we live and feel to people who come into our lives and homes ,
Our history, thoughts and feelings have to be explored and considered and we also have to understand more about the people who supply and give us care
It’s a two way street we all have to listen to each other to find solutions and build relationships and care that works for all concerned,to many time people have refused to listen to me about my mum and too many times I have not been prepared or able to listen to them ,this causes a breakdown in relationships and care
As my campaign has gained pace I have been offered many times by organizations to chair or become a carers representative but that always comes at a price that comes with we are the best, we know best and direct everyone to us, that’s why I still and always will do this independently  I am not there to be used in politics or organizational squabbles or funding campaigns and on to  many occasions excluded from discussions
I want to promote good help and practice in whatever shape or form it comes and get people help before they reach the crisis my mum and I came so close to
Here at two questions we have to discuss, explain and highlight, answer and bring more understanding to

What is dementia?

Who and what is the life of a carer?


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