Monday, 28 May 2012

What We Need is a Dementia Center for Excellence,

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I have met many people doing great work over the last year, and many who have no understanding of Dementia and life caring for someone, one of the most disappointing things to me the competition element for funding, and tendering for services between some organizations, what we really need is a Dementia center for excellence A center that does not supply services or is involved in politics in any way shape or form. The issues and emotional impact dementia  brings deserves professional ,personal  advice and guidance with no influence or other outside motives .a place to either visit or contact to get advice and get directed  to the best help and services in the  area you live ,SERVICES THAT WILL HELP YOU  FROM BEGINNIG TO END OF JOURNEY We have many great services out there and I would like to see all organizations who supply care on dementia and caring to promote each others work and invite people from other organizations on to their boards and work together its too important not to ,This journey is our last years together  with someone we love and people like my mum and their carers deserve the best impartial advice, I have been offered some opportunities to work with some  organizations over the last year but their unwillingness to even listen to and work with others at a national level disturbs me, this lets down the great work done at local level  
As I sit with my mum struggling to cope, I find this most unsettling


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