Friday, 25 May 2012

Felt Like a Good Meeting at City Chambers Today

Good Afternoon  
I had a meeting with councilor Kerr (who is the lead on social care at Glasgow City Council) along with Stephen Fitzpatrick head of Adult services with social work Glasgow
Firstly I would like to thank Matt Kerr for fulfilling his promise and continued interest in my campaign, and Carers a promise he made before the local elections to meet again and work on some ideas ,I am also encouraged  by the time Stephen has given me lately in my quest to raise awareness, we discussed some ideas and hopefully we can continue with some of them at a later date ,I am hopeful and looking  forward to building on and working on some of the ideas with them in the near future We also discussed the motion I had passed back in February and it was confirmed I will work with the  Cross Party Working Group on a  report on Dementia and caring in Glasgow to be handed over to the Scottish Government
I will post an update once we have had time to digest today’s discussions

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