Thursday, 31 May 2012

With thanks to my carer center and mums social worker for the help lately

 My mum and I have had many ups and downs with services over the last years Meeting people who understood what we where going through  along with  many who did not understand enough the journey and struggles dementia   brings. Its been very tough lately as my mum has struggled and has been very weak, as my mum struggles I struggle by her side. So I would like to thank Linda from my local carer center (I joined a few months ago as I had met so many people on my campaign at carer centers when  doing talks who gave great testament to the help they received ) We have faced many struggles over the years ,but just now its mainly sadness that I am fighting each day  ,so I don’t know how I would have got through the last weeks without having Linda and my mums social workers input, and having them  on the end of the phone when advice was needed .when I started my campaign I had no help and I am glad I now have the help I have now ,its also helped me on the campaigning front as I am finding the treatment by some to be quite shameful. But I will give them; fare warning I do this in my mums name and their behavior will be addressed very shortly I care for my mum with the respect and dignity she deserves and I campaign in her name with the same passion,
So I will leave you with this, its ok to ask for help and when you find good help shout it from the rooftops so others can access and come forward  

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