Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sitting watching my wee mum sleeping

Good Evening ..........
Well it half past eight at night and my wee mum is tucked up in bed sleeping,I sit in her room to make sure she is comfy and settled ,.The last weeks as have the last four years been a struggle for my mum, dementia has taken its toll on her ,my wee mum is just so weak and frail just now that it hurts to the core my soul ,Tonight after I tidy up and go to bed myself feeling sad and mostly helpless I always hope for two things ,firstly that tomorrow will be better than today and secondly  that my mum will remember my dad  the man she loved ,the first rarely happens  but when it does it makes my heart smile ,the second never will .in order to care for my mum I have to accept her memory and understanding of me is most but gone ,Its not remembering her wee hubby Tam that hurts the most and I can never get over that.

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  1. thats a shame keep doing what you can x


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